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Effective as of: November 1, 2019
Loan Rates
New & Used Autos
Terms to 84 monthsAPR*
Maximum of 120% of MSRPNew Auto Loan: as low as 2.99% with loan discount with vehicles purchased through our Car Buying service. Oldest model motorcycle we finance is no more than 10 years old.
Maximum of 120% of Kelly Blue BookUsed Auto Loan: as low as 3.24% with loan discount with vehicles purchased through our Car Buying service.
including tax, title, license, GAP, and MBI.

New vehicle criteria: Model year 2018 to 2019, less than 12,000 miles.
Recreational Vehicles
(RVs, Boats, etc. )
Loan BalanceMaximum TermAPR*
as low as:
NEW - Up to $100,000144 months6.99% Maximum 100% MSRP.
USED - Up to $50,000120 months8.99% Maximum 90% Kelly Blue Book.
Including Tax, Title, License, GAP, and MBI
Credit Cards
Card typeAPR*
American Express and Visa Card9.99% - 18.00%
We offer a credit card program to meet your needs, including the following cards: American Express Cash Back and Travel, Visa Platinum, Secured Visa, Visa Signature, College Rewards Visa, and Visa Business Cards.
Personal Loans
as low as:
For vacation, tax, bill payment, etc.9.99%
Line of Credit
as low as:
Personal Line of Credit10.79%
First Mortgages: Fixed and Variables Programs available Call For Details
10/1 ARM75% LTV to $417,000.00-0- Points
2nd Trust Deed
Fixed Rate and TermAPR*
As low as
Terms up to 15 yearsMaximum of $500,0006.00%
Fully amortizedNo cost to member
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Adjustable RateAPR*
As low as
Up to 80%Maximum of $500,000.00Current Wall Street Journal Prime Rate is 4.75%
10 year draw.Tied to Prime Rate
Payments amortized over 15 yrsNo cost to member
No cost if loan remains open for 12 months and are not eligible for Skip a Payments either
Classroom Supply Loans for 0% APR, up to $1,000
For purchasing classroom supplies.
Minimum monthly payment is $100 for full loan amount.
Not eligible for skip-a-pays
Limited to one Classroom Supply Loan per year
School Employee Loans for 0% APR, up to $500
For school related items like uniforms, shoes, and equipment. All classified employees and teachers are eligible. Loan is amortized over 10 months with a minimum monthly payment of $50.
Electronic Device Loans – for Educators
For all your mobile devices, tablets, and PC needs!
4.99% APR, loan amount up to $2,500. Up to 24 month terms.
Not eligible for skip-a-pays
*APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Rates Subject to change without notice. All rates quoted include automatic payment discount is 1%. Contact us directly for more information. Other terms and conditions may apply.
NMLS Number: 450198