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Effective as of: July 1, 2020
Loan Rates
New & Used Autos
Terms to 84 monthsAPR*
Maximum of 120% of MSRPNew Auto Loan: as low as 2.99%.
Maximum of 120% of Kelly Blue BookUsed Auto Loan: as low as 3.24%
including tax, title, license, GAP, and MBI.
New vehicle criteria: Model years 2019 - 2020, with maximum 12K miles
Credit Cards
Card typeAPR*
American Express and Visa Card9.99% - 18.00%
We offer a credit card program to meet your needs, including the following cards: American Express Cash Back and Travel, Visa Platinum, Secured Visa, Visa Signature, College Rewards Visa, and Visa Business Cards.
Personal Loans
as low as:
For vacation, tax, bill payment, etc.9.99%
Line of Credit
as low as:
Personal Line of Credit10.79%
First Mortgages: Fixed and Variables Programs available Call For Details
10/1 ARM75% LTV to $417,000.00-0- Points
2nd Trust Deed
Fixed Rate and TermAPR*
As low as
Terms up to 15 yearsMaximum of $500,0004.00%
Fully amortizedNo cost to member
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Adjustable RateAPR*
As low as
Up to 80%Maximum of $500,000.00Current Wall Street Journal Prime Rate is 3.75
10 year draw.Tied to Prime Rate plus 0.25 and margin based on FICO
Payments amortized over 15 yrsNo cost to member
No cost if loan remains open for 12 months and are not eligible for Skip a Pays
Classroom Supply Loans for 0% APR, up to $1,000
For purchasing classroom supplies.
Minimum monthly payment is $100 for full loan amount.
Not eligible for skip-a-pays
Limited to one Classroom Supply Loan per year
School Employee Loans for 0% APR, up to $500
For school related items like uniforms, shoes, and equipment. All classified employees and teachers are eligible. Loan is amortized over 10 months with a minimum monthly payment of $50.
Electronic Device Loans – for Educators
For all your mobile devices, tablets, and PC needs!
4.99% APR, loan amount up to $2,500. Up to 24 month terms.
Not eligible for skip-a-pays
*APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Rates Subject to change without notice. All rates quoted include automatic payment discount is 1%. Contact us directly for more information. Other terms and conditions may apply.
NMLS Number: 450198